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Student Voice

Student Voice

Understanding your Students' feelings and making sure their voice is heard is at the core of your Union.

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Data Driven
Understanding data to make informed decisions is crucial. All our modules within Atlas feature customised dashboards to best represent your data so that you can focus on providing the best service possible.
We collaborate with you to ensure that our developments include all of the features you need. Where possible we develop custom features for individual clients.
Empowering you to work for your students without worrying about technical details. We make tools that support your processes rather than hinder them.
Fluid Workflows
We understand that we're not experts in every aspects of a Students' Union, so we've included fluid workflows within some of our modules so that you can decide the workflow that's right for you and not the other way around.
We integrate with a number of platforms out of the box so that your current systems can connect and share data from day 1. If there is a platform that you want to integrate with then we're working on developing API tools to enable you to do so.

Smart Collaboration

Converting Data

As your students' opinions change, so should you. Use your data to empower your staff, trustees and your members.
Student generating insights


Generate Insights

When you understand your data you're able to look at the bigger picture. See how incremental changes can make huge improvements.
Student generating insights

Maximize support

Focus on your members

As you continue to improve you can start to focus on what matters, Students! Your members are at the heart of your union, and they should be at the heart of your software too.

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We are always learning new things, so we want to create a space to share new ideas and best practices so that we can move the student movement forward together.


Open Collaboration


We're in the process of booking events to empower and assist Students' Unions in open collaboration. If this is something you're interested in, then click the link below!


Finding a Mentor


We're helping you to connect with your peers and potentially new mentors within the Students' Union space, someone to give you that extra helping hand when you need it!

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Shared Skill Space


We're hosting shared monthly workshops to foster collaboration and skill sharing with your peers across a number of unions.

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If you're interested in booking in a demo then get in touch with the form below.

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Our Team.

Aidan Laycock
CEO & Lead Software Engineer

With nearly 10 years of working in Students' Union's, Aidan understands the importance of ensuring digital is at the forefront of a Union's strategic plan and vision. He developed Atlas to solve a specific problem of not having the right tools for the job.

Lottie Walsh
Lead Web Designer

Lottie is the Front-end Web Developer at a students' union, a position which allows her to understand the technical issues that frustrate her coworkers and makes her an ideal addition to the Elbowspace team. She is also an illustrator, with her work for a brewery recently appearing in the book, Beer by Design.

Toby Twigger
Software Engineer

Toby spent four years as a student at the University of Bristol, and four years working in the Students Union specialising in digital development and process optimisation. As a result, he's got experience from both sides as to how unions can improve their digital processes, and has helped Bristol become a leader in digital innovation. He now works on platforms to support local councils, but still spends a lot of time developing tools and systems for Student Unions.

Jake Tattersdill
Marketing Specialist

Jake is a marketing professional with experience working in the Higher Education sector. He specialises in creative advertising and has worked on many other projects from short film scripts to craft beer advertisements.

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Software you’ll be talking about:

“would highly commend to other SUs
Kate Williams (Central Resources Director) - YUSU

Our numbers don’t lie:

“York University Students’ Union (YUSU) used our Atlas Freshers module to spearhead their online offering during the Coronavirus pandemic and achieved a 45.4% increase in membership sales year on year.”

Atlas helps you map success:

“From setting up, there was minimum effort required from our end. I was guided through the platform one-on-one, which was simple to: understand, navigate & update information.
Lily Cordukes (Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator) - YSJSU

Data-driven never looked so good:

“the quality of both the design and functionality is awesome.
Kate Williams (Central Resources Director) - YUSU

Your issues are our issues:

“The design looked amazing and was created in line with our events branding. I can’t fault the support we received from setting up, to helping to fix minor issues. Everything was resolved so quickly and efficiently.
Lily Cordukes (Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator) - YSJSU

We make Atlas work for you:

“each request has been met with an entirely can-do response and followed up by an adaptation that met, and often surpassed, our requirements
Kate Williams (Central Resources Director) - YUSU

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