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Designed around Students' Unions.

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Dynamic by Design

We have worked to meticulously simplify processes where possible whilst retaining the freedom that you need to have your own workflows. As we know that every Students' Union is unique and that their process are as unique as they are. So we have ensured that as many of our modules as possible feature dynamic workflows that are designed by your experts. We are always on hand to help you in process mapping and streamlining process whilst using Atlas.


Student Voice

We know that you need to be able to easily engage your students to ensure that their voices are heard. We offer a range of modules to enable you to ensure that they are supported and have a platform to voice their opinions.

From Elections, Activities to Case Management, you can support their voice, engage them in extra curricular activities and support them when they need an extra helping hand.



Keeping in touch with your members is key. We have taken a GDPR first approach to ensure that your members are kept well informed whilst ensuring that you're compliant. Enabling them to easily change their preferences within 3 clicks.

From Surveys to Mail, Blogs to Subscriptions, you can guarantee that you members are in the know.


Built in Analytics and Reporting

Data, Analytics and forecasting are at the core of Atlas, if you can understand your data, then you can understand how best to engage and support your students. From individual Event dashboards to Engagement analysis, we worry about making sure the data is available at all levels so that you can drill into the finer details only when you have to.


Events and Ticketing

Hosting events, whether digitally or physically, are key for a Students to make the lasting memories of their University experience. Supporting you with flexibility within your events is key, from dynamic events to simple recurring weekly schedules, within Atlas these are all as simple as one button click.

We also offer an engaging Digital Freshers Module, which has seen a 45+% increase in engagement and purchases following the event.


EPOS and Venues

Selling things should be easy and painless. So we have ensured that everything is simplified without compromising the functionality and the robustness of our EPOS and Venues Module. Managing multiple outlets, whether a Web store, Bar & Restaurant or a Shop



As we continue to develop our platform we're aware that you will want to move onto our platform gradually. Therefore we've created dynamic Integrations to enable you to move at your own pace. Enabling you to work with tooling and services that you already have in place.


Support and Feedback

We understand that every Union does things a little bit differently, so along with being dynamic as possible, we also reach out to our partnered Unions to make sure that we get as much feedback before and during the development.

We also have an extensive support and documentation for all of the features of Atlas, and maintain a constant review alongside releases to ensure that they are always up to date.

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